If you have any questions about the program, please book into our info session

Here are the instructions :

1. Please read the bios and notes from our 2021 mentors. You will be asked to select which 2 mentors you’d like to work with and why.

2. Create a free account on UnderPinned to create a portfolio for your application, including these questions

  •  A brief career history including qualifications if relevant (max 200 words) 
  •  What you hope to get out of the mentoring programme (max 200 words) 
  • What your vision for the future of the creative industry is (max 200 words) 
  • Your two ideal mentors from the list below and why you have chosen them (max 300 words)
  • A 1-min video of yourself detailing why you would like to join the programme. We’re looking to see your personality shine so don’t worry about fancy editing skills. This will need to be uploaded to your UnderPinned portfolio to complete your application in the form of a Youtube or Vimeo link. 

3. Once your UnderPinned portfolio is ready, complete this form and submit it together with the link to your portfolio.