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Hole & Corner magazine is published biannually, dedicated to stories of craft, beauty, passion and skill.
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Membership to Hole & Corner brings you exclusive access to the Hole & Corner world. As well as receiving our print issue twice a year, we are offering our digital library via our new app, special offers, random treats, regular newsletters, recommendations you won’t find anywhere else, long reads and surprising interviews – and offers the opportunity to buy products from our featured makers or join them at live events where you can see their unique skills up close and even try your hand at workshops and learn from the best.

Hole & Corner was launched in May 2013 as a lifestyle brand celebrating and promoting creativity, craftsmanship, heritage and authenticity through digital, print and events. 

The name is inspired by an old English phrase:

‘Hole-and-Corner: adj, a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream’

We celebrate people who spend more time doing than talking, for whom content is more important than style; whose work is their life. We tell their stories of dedication.

Hole & Corner magazine is published biannually, a unique mix of stories of craft, beauty, passion and skill. We are unapologetic in our love of printed matter, and won’t compromise on the quality of the paper or the talent we feature. Our writers and photographers are world class. Hole & Corner’s founder and creative director is Sam Walton, who started the magazine after moving from London to the Dorset countryside. He was having conversations with the people he met – a dairy farmer, a local brewer, a bread maker – and was fascinated by the stories and the processes involved by people who were devoted to their trade or craft. Having worked in magazine publishing for a long time, he decided to create a magazine with a focus on these unsung heroes, using some of the incredible talent he had commissioned over the years in the luxury fashion and style press.

“People are signing up to do a sourdough baking class or sit at a potter’s wheel and I think there is a sense that people want to get back to doing something with their hands that is productive and educational, but which allows them time and space to switch off from the pressures of modern life,” he says. Likewise, there is a deep-rooted interest in the provenance of the products we buy, whether that’s food, clothes or furniture. Hole & Corner has been exploring these stories for the past seven years, pairing great writers and photographers with some extraordinary craftspeople, makers, farmers, glass blowers, paper makers, sculptors and spoon whittlers. These stories are increasingly important to tell and preserve, but this is, by nature, a deeply independent world filled with honesty, integrity, hard work often without the traditional machine of advertising and marketing budgets to support them.

Both Sam, and Hole & Corner’s editor Tamsin Blanchard, (who started out on the Independent newspaper and spent over two decades in newspaper and weekend supplement publishing), became disillusioned with the commercial interactions that increasingly oil the mainstream publishing world. Hole & Corner is a space for independent thinking, where no maker is too obscure, or too niche (or too strapped for cash) to warrant a story. While we have some loyal and very supportive commercial partners who have believed in Hole & Corner over the years, the current situation is putting budgets under strain. Paper costs have gone up, as have shipping costs. As we see the craft and maker world grow and become increasingly relevant in our everyday lives – from the coffee we drink in the morning, to the soap we wash our hands with – we want to grow with it. And we want to take you, our readers and our community, with us. This is why we are launching our membership scheme, so we can continue to celebrate the makers and artisans, as well as support the writers and photographers who create such impactful and beautiful work together. We have created our own Hole & Corner ecosystem over the years and we invite you to join and support us so we can continue to tell the stories that we believe deserve to be told.

‘I love Hole & Corner… there’s a tranquility to all the subjects it specialises in that is very much needed’ Sir Paul Smith

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