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Greater Govanhill challenges negative stereotypes & provides a platform for marginalised voices, telling the stories that matter to you
by Rhiannon

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Why become a member?

We’re now four issues in and have big plans for the magazine. We recently accessed a grant to temporarily employ our first ever member of staff. This means we’re now writing and sharing more Govanhill news than ever before. (Keep an eye on our website and online community noticeboard!) We now produce a monthly radio show and are about to start our events and training workshops programme. We also finally have use of an office one day per week.

Here’s what we want to do next:

  • move to bi-monthly magazine production
  • take on a journalist as a permanent member of staff
  • employ someone to work on revenue generation and audience engagement
  • rent an office space of our own
  • pay all our contributors
  • provide journalism skills training workshops to community groups
  • hold regular in-person events discussing the stories that matter to you
  • redesign our website

We already have 150 incredible members who support the project, can you help us to reach 100 more?

What Makes Greater Govanhill Special?

A recent investigation by The Ferret found that the vast majority of Scottish news titles are owned by media conglomerates and billionaires. They are designed to line the pockets of shareholders rather than serve the communities they cover.

We believe in doing things differently. We are a grassroots organisation run by and for the people of greater Govanhill. We listen to what people tell us and adjust our coverage accordingly. We are completely independent and operate as a not-for-profit community interest company, with a commitment to invest any profit we do make, right back into the Govanhill community.


Great! How Do I Sign Up?

There are three levels of membership based on what you can afford. We are an inclusive organisation and believe that everyone should have the same access to our magazine and content. We want to keep the magazine free for everyone, so are grateful for whatever you feel you can spare.

All members are the first to receive a copy of the magazine in the post, along with a piece of exclusive Greater Govanhill merchandise. Members also get free access to our events and training workshops. And you’ll be invited to our regular meetings to help shape what we cover, and how we cover it. You’ll also get the satisfaction of helping a project designed to benefit the whole community.