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Plan 1 out of 3: GRAN FONDO Supporter
3 € per month
Plan 2 out of 3: GRAN FONDO Supporter
7 € per month
Plan 3 out of 3: GRAN FONDO Supporter
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You asked and we delivered: from now on, you can become a GRAN FONDO supporter, allowing you to make a voluntary monthly contribution to help us keep doing what we do best.

Regardless of whether you "just" read our articles, send us feedback via email or guide our content by participating in the reader survey: as a reader of our app-magazine, you're already in the inner circle of the GRAN FONDO readership and know how much passion and effort we put into our articles.

From self-made to scene-made

Our entire editorial concept comes from our hearts and we determine what goes into our magazines – well, almost! Your feedback – via emails, social media, and our annual reader survey – is vital in steering the GRAN FONDO ship and determining the topics that shape the magazine. Along with thousands of other enthusiastic roadies and gravellers, you've become a part of our team. So, what about doing even more and embarking on new adventures and projects together? We're in! Are you?

Despite cycling's current boom, traditional cycling media is caught in a downward spiral. It's complicated – the temptation for outlets to betray their values is significant. Sadly, rampant clickbait, regurgitated press releases, and sponsored content on behalf of advertisers are becoming the norm, replacing balanced opinion pieces and honest, independent buyers' advice.

Think of purchases you've made – has one of our articles inspired you, led you to the right product, or even saved you from buyer’s remorse?

We are under no illusions about our responsibility: delivering honest and credible reviews that are critical when needed and full of valuable, in-depth knowledge, published to help our readers and the scene as a whole evolve and improve. With progressive ideas and a strong vision, we want to move forward and transform the bike boom's current challenges into opportunities. Let's keep the wheels turning towards a sustainable future.

We want to make sure you get the high-quality journalism that you deserve.

Do you agree? If so, you can help secure a sustainable future for high-quality cycling journalism by becoming a GRAN FONDO supporter. It'll be thanks to you that the new-road scene continues to benefit from a free, independent publication. We want to shape the bike scene together with our readers and create a future that will allow us to make the most of our sport, to ride more freely and simply ride more. Let's make this happen! Are you in?

Your commitment plays a vital role in shaping not only GRAN FONDO but the entire new-road and gravel scene. Contributions will go towards:

  • The creation of a new, personalised and interactive buyers' guide for our readers
  • Producing even better group tests and know-how articles to help buyers make smart, informed purchases
  • Continuing to publish critical, progressive, thought-provoking opinion pieces to help the scene evolve and continue to improve
  • Hundreds of free articles, every single year
  • Letting us remain objective, give criticism where it's due and hold our course when faced with the threat of cancellations by advertisers
  • Even more inspiring stories about the myriad of unforgettable characters the bike scene has to offer
  • Sharing our love of this sport with many more people and growing it in the process
  • Saving the planet! Though it may seem insignificant, we’ll plant a tree for each new supporter

A small contribution can go a long way

By contributing and becoming a GRAN FONDO supporter, you're making sure that all our content remains free. And that applies to all readers, everywhere, including those who can't afford a membership.

Thank you for your contribution – let's take the first step towards a sustainable future for both the sport and GRAN FONDO!