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A recommendation: The Lost Leonardo "The inside story of the painting that seduced the world. It's not just art... it's power, politics, and greed."

The Lost Leonardo is a riveting art world documentary about the mystery of the very last Leonardo da Vinci painting (maybe real? maybe not?) ever found, and the story around it and what happened to it. Is the painting even real? How was it verified and where did it end up, and who bought it over the last decade? And of course the most important question - why. Why did they buy it? And what's the big theory about all of this and what's going on in the art world... Even if you don't know anything about this story at all, we highly recommend watching the documentary The Lost Leonardo, available on VOD services now. Directed by Andreas Koefoed, it's a fascinating deep dive into the high stakes art world, following this da Vinci painting. It's an easy doc to get caught up in for only 96 minutes as they follow the artwork and follow the money. One of our favorite docs that has stayed on our mind ever since first watching it. For more info, visit

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