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Creating a regular income from

Steady is a fantastic community
Steady supporters enable a diverse public. They pay monthly for independent publishers. They support freedom of expression, independent journalism and great entertainment. They’re doing what’s right and what’s important.
Steady is a flexible technology
Because each publication is different, Steady is flexible: Steady publishers use Steady Pledge, Steady Recurring Crowdfunding, or Steady Paywall to attract supporters.
Steady is a convenient service
Steady supports direct debit payments, credit cards and PayPal, sends invoices (including correct taxes). And once a month, publishers get their money from Steady. Steady just takes a 10% commission (payment processing fees are being forwarded to publishers).

We are the heartbeat of independent media.
We are Steady.

How does Steady work?

You create a campaign page on Steady.
The Steady team will help you choose the right strategy: will you ask for a recurring Steady Pledge? Will you need the Steady Paywall? Or is Steady Crowdfunding the perfect solution for your audience?
You’ll integrate Steady into your publication and link to your Steady campaign page on your homepage, in e-mail newsletters and on social media.
Let’s go!

Once a month, Steady will send you a statement and your money.

Want to become a Steady Publisher?
You decide which strategy works best for your audience

Steady Pledge

Ask your audience for regular support. Use a Steady Overlay in your publication or a link to your Steady campaign page.

Steady Paywall

Make your best content accessible to paying supporters only. For example, use the Steady WordPress plugin.

Steady Adwall

Specifically ask users of ad blockers for their support. The Steady Adblocker Detection detects when visitors of your website use ad blockers and suggests that they support you via Steady.

Your dashboard

Stay in control of your subscribers’ names and email addresses. We will always keep them safe from prying eyes.

CSV export

You want to run a special campaign for your subscribers? Download a CSV file to send them targeted emails or just analyze your data.

Update your subscribers

Post exclusive updates for subscribers on your campaign page. These updates can include subscriber-only podcast episodes.

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We only earn money if you do.
There's no risk you'll lose money.
Steady just takes a 10% commission.
Payment processing fees are deducted from your monthly payout (we do not make money from these fees and try to keep them as low as possible).

Optional: crowdfunding without the drama

Steady Crowdfunding gives you the power of crowdfunding without the drama. There are no deadlines and you will be paid monthly even if the target amount has not yet been reached.

Transparency – you decide

You decide how much money you need and what you use it for. You can share your campaign’s progress with the Steady community, but you don't have to.

Payment processing

No need to deal with payment providers – Steady handles it all for you.

Thank you

It helps when you can offer your community a few benefits. A newsletter featuring special content just for your supporters. A monthly hangout, or a video where you personally thank them. It doesn't have to be big or material – it's the thought that counts.


Don't worry about writing complicated EU-compliant invoices – Steady takes care of them for you.


Different VAT levels for supporters in various countries – Steady deals with that, too.

We're here for you

Steady is a team of developers, designers, journalists and entrepreneurs based in Berlin. We want to drive the new, constantly growing movement of people-powered publishing.

We are the heartbeat of independent media.
We are Steady.

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