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Follow the joy, your dreams, and make them happen!
by Pia Becker

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Hi, I´m Pia, the face, and voice behind “Dream and Wanderland”. 

As a dream guide at "Dream and Wanderland" I help you to find find back to your dreams, find new ones, and find together we will find ways to make them possible.

Dream and Wanderland is all about dreaming, dreaming big, and make those dreams come. All you need is starting to wander.

And that's why I'm here for! To help you finding your way of living an abundant life full of joy and dreams that came true! 

Dream and Wanderland - Follow the joy, your dreams, and make them happen!

It all has started with a young girl who dreamt about traveling the world. The blog "Dream and Wanderland" provides loads of inspiration about traveling the world but also to follow your dreams. If traveling is one of your dreams, perfect! But wandering the world or through life means mainly to actually take some action. You will find inspiration and encouragement to follow your dreams and make them happen!


Become a Dreamer and Wanderer and share your experiences, support each other, and find inspiration in...

💛 monthly Meet-Up Sessions (sometimes more topic focused, sometimes more hanging out and have fun focused) 💛 exclusive Facebook Group (to share experiences and inspiration, encourage each other, and whatever else brings us closer to our dreams) 💛 co-creation of building a community that feels like a safe haven and a place where we belong

Furthermore a opportunity to express your appreciation for the Dream and Wanderland Blog and to support my work. 🙏