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Digital garden

Transplanting my digital ecosystem from the forest fire of Twitter
by Julia

For those of us who went to conferences and traded Twitter handles instead of business cards, then attended Zoom book clubs during the pandemic and visited these new friends when the borders reopened, this is like watching our forest catch fire - an ecosystem that somehow managed to flourish at the edges and gaps of surveillance capitalism. The intended use cases were written over because life finds a way. I liked it that way. This was the only large platform that didn't manage to engineer away serendipity.

Since we don't know how long we'll be able to breathe on Twitter, this is my backup place. Click on the bottom bar and add your email address if you:

👉 Want to see drawings I make later on

👉  If you liked any of my talks and want to know when there's a new one

👉  Or just to keep in touch! I won't spam you.

See you around!