4 Rules of Retail Packaging That Shine on The Shelf

According to a study conducted in 2020, an average supermarket in the UK holds more than 30,000 different types of products. Such a massive number of products makes nearly a £400 billion industry relies on customers, manufacturers, designers, and packaging vendors.

With all others, retail packaging is a significant industry itself. Multinational design agencies employ hundreds of designers who focus utterly on creating a solid appearance through retail packaging. However, such a demanding area requires a lot more than just a good eye, so let’s dive into rules that make retail packaging shine on the shelf!

Clear And Simple Retail Packaging Solution

“Let’s keep it simple” is a phrase that we often hear whenever someone portrays anything easy to get or that most people could understand. That is precisely what your packaging design should do, which is to be understood by most people.

Because if your product packaging is a bit tricky, fewer people would care about taking a look at it, and even lesser people would understand it. And eventually, your product will become the least selling product of the month.

Keep your packaging design as simple as you can so that more people know what idea you are trying to convey through your packaging.

When you hear the word “clear” in the world of packaging, most people say it in terms of anatomy. That is, the packaging is clear to peek inside. You can place a window cut on any retail packaging. Afterward, placing it with a transparent plastic sheet would also serve the purpose of protection.

Authentic Retail Packaging Boxes

Originality, quality, and memorability are the basic building blocks of brands. However, to build a strong brand appearance, you also need to incorporate these three things in your packaging. An original retail packaging speaks for itself and the product as well.

It is pretty easy to understand. See, there are hundreds of products out there. And there is only one way to make your brand popup is by being different and original.

After all, this is all a matter of creativity. Once start thinking out of the box, your packaging design eventually becomes authentic and unique.

For an idea, use eco-friendly packaging and put that green leaf logo on your box, signifying that your product packaging has a tag, so it should be authentic in some way.

Shelf Impact of Custom Retail Packaging

From a buyer’s point of view, a product is never alone, and they never observe it in close detail. Because we view it from a distance, and because they are all arranged in rows, we see patterns made out of several products in a line-up. Still, a specific design catches our attention, and we find ourselves inclined to it.

That attraction from a distance is what we call “shelf presence”. In the retail world, presence is everything. If your product doesn’t have a shelf presence, no one will notice it, at least from a distance.

To excel at shelf presence, place your retail packaging in rows and columns, and if there is any uniformity in it. Moreover, if you find a pattern and think you can make it even better for people far distances, you just bought yourself a broader customer base. And wider customer base means more people are going to view your product, and of course, more people will buy your product.

Bring Honesty to Your Retail Boxes.

We are talking about both the owners and the designers for those newbies in the packaging design, endeavoring to make their product look as perfect as it can. They show a picture of a cupcake dipped in chocolate syrup, when in reality, what we get is a simple cupcake with traces of chocolate in and on it.

By showing your product a thousand times better than it actually is, you are misleading your buyer to spend money on something that is based on a lie. You may get their attention at first, but later on, they not only never buy your product but spread their word around as well. Such things will ultimately make your brand look like a cheap brand.

This is where honesty in retail packaging comes in. People don’t have a problem with spending on simple and inexpensive products, as long as they know what they spending on is. Of course, there should be some aesthetical uplift in the presentation, but to some extent only. Just try not to shock your buyers.

To wrap up a retail box.

The design of your product packaging is a vital aspect. However, there are no explicit rules that will make your product a sudden success. Nonetheless, the above four can surely help you in the long run.

All you need to do is offer a clear and simple packaging design that is understood by everyone. Afterward, make your packaging as authentic as you can. Then, design your packaging to have a strong shelf presence and keep those patterns in mind. And last but not least, don’t play with customer’s expectations; deliver what you promise to.