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Current Obsession is a magazine and platform dedicated to contemporary adornment

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Current Obsession is a jewellery magazine and platform based in the Netherlands. Appreciated for its experimental approach and unconventional style, Current Obsession offers new ways of presenting and experiencing jewellery. We work with exceptional jewellery designers and artists, with whom we develop curatorial projects and events for renowned brands and cultural institutions.

Today, our activities as publishers, curators and facilitators, result in projects that span communities and art genres, but always relate back to jewellery. Our ongoing work includes the annual Munich Jewellery Week and the biennial OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival in the Netherlands. 

Current Obsession is delighted to introduce its new Social Club. Building on the success of our international conversation series of the same name, we’ve now developed the Social Club into a membership programme aimed at giving our community more reasons to celebrate all things jewellery as well as more ways to show their support for our work.

The Social Club grants access to the high-quality journalism, publications and events that we produce – online, in print and in real life – as we follow the jewellery world’s most exciting artists and events around the world, from Amsterdam to Munich, Athens,  Barcelona, New York and more!

The Social Club connects you to a layer of engagement beyond visits to exhibitions – to the discussions, connections, and networking that we sometimes feel are missing – by facilitating both in-depth conversations and unforgettable celebrations. Whether it takes place at parties, dinners, screenings or salons, we think it is through meaningful social exchange that the field moves forward – so put on your best sparkling jewels and join the Social Club!