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On Catch Budapest we (Juli and Flo) create progressive, smart, accessible, and fun Hungarian learning material. We help you speak Hungarian with confidence, regardless of your age, gender, location, or "language-learning genes".😉

Here's why we created this Steady account:

Steady became our way to offer extra benefits and services for Hungarian learners who love what we do.

At the same time, it's a great way to create a reliable income source for us, Juli and Flo: To choose any of our packages means to support us and help ensure Catch Budapest can continue for years to come.

You can opt for 2 kinds of packages, depending on your needs and budget:

1. Learning material for self-study (packages Hoppá! & Húha!) and

2. 1:1 Hungarian sessions with Juli on a monthly or quarterly basis (packages Azta! & Király!). These are in addition to the learning material.

To have a better overview of our plans, please read their descriptions.

If you become a supporter...🙏

You not only receive these great additional benefits but...

- you help us keep Catch Budapest going and create amazing Hungarian learning material;

- you help us revolutionize the landscape of Hungarian-learning material;

- you support this Magyar labor of love.😊

Whichever package you choose...

We're grateful to you. We do a little happy dance for every new supporter.💃🕺 Thank you.

Juli & Flo

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