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 Welcome! I'm a certified preK- grade 12 visual arts teacher with a BA in French and Philosophy, and an MA in Philosophy and Cultural Analysis. A renaissance woman with so many interests, I dabbled and dabbled in studies, careers, art-making, ideas, travel and explorations before finally settling in with ART TEACHING, my true passion. Along my circuitous path I taught ESL in Madrid, was a baker and post-graduate art student in Baltimore, studied art history in Paris and international education at NYU, consulted at the United Nations, worked in the translation industry, was a grad student in Amsterdam and studied fashion design and illustration in NYC. When I realized that teaching art allowed me to combine all my interests and do what I love most for a living, I became an art teacher! Raised around the world with a 12 year stint in NYC, I now live in Germany. I teach private art classes to kids and adults; offer art workshops and exhibition tours at the local museum; and run summer art camps at local schools. 

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Private painting lesson
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