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How To Organise An On-Schedule Fashion Show With Brian De Carvalho

This week, the BRICKS team speaks to designer and creative director Brian De Carvalho about his experience showing his first collection at London Fashion Week.

Brian De Carvalho's fashion fairytale started with a fine art grad turning into an accidental fashion maven, stitching together threads of creativity and community. Meet Brian – the mastermind behind a brand that's all about breaking boundaries and embracing individuality. 

From DIY designs in lockdown to strutting his first collection at LFW, Brian takes us through the glamorous – and extremely stressful process of organising a fashion show for the first time, spilling the beans on the chaos and creativity fuelling his design process. Picture quirky inspirations clashing with last-minute logistics, all in the name of crafting a collection that's uniquely his own.

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