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WTF is a Social Editor?

This week, BRICKS Contributing Editor Liza Bilal talks to 2 industry professionals about the ins and outs of the Social Editor role and where to find them.

The job of a Social Editor, or Social Media Manager, is – in my humble opinion – one of the most important positions to hold within an organisation. Whenever you tap the like button on one of your favourite brand’s instagram posts or take a scroll through a beloved publication’s TikTok account, you are looking at the work of a Social Editor. People in this role are in charge of social and digital communication for their employer and have the power to strengthen brand recognition and increase followers, ultimately bringing in more revenue for the company. It's not always easy and there is certainly a finesse to building and maintaining followers and engagement. This week, BRICKS Contributing Editor Liza chats to Alice May Stenson (Opens in a new window), CULTED’s (Opens in a new window) TikTok Manager, and Bobbie Edsor (Opens in a new window), Social Editor at Good Housekeeping (Opens in a new window), about the ins and outs of managing socials and the best way to find these jobs.

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