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by BLooDyAn6eL

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I have a baby, so I'm looking forward at taking care for her at home , prepare her for school and life. Ur support will let me stay at home, create and take her for my child :)

Hello there nightowls! Welcome to my patreon! Let me start with this public lost, so that I can tell you a little more about myself. I am Bloodyan6el. Real life name is Stephanie, but I prefer to be Bloodyan6el or just angel. “What’s up with the 6 in angel? “- Well, as it’s obvious the “Bloodyangel” was already taken, and thought “ hy not small letter g looks just like 6 when turned upside down” Also I am born on the 6th of November, so I kinda it fits perfect and I actually love it! So. Who am I? I am just a person, who loves video games, having some decent gaming skills, enjoys playing and showing off. Being motivated into improving and working on and for myself. To be able to like, enjoy and share what I do whit all of you there!

I also like the idea of sharing art, thoughts, beliefs etc whit people who want to know it. Only who seeks shall find. (So about my stream, I will make a separate post.) Right now, I want to introduce myself to you. I am an unique creature of the human kind, just like every single person on this planet. I am a scorpio by sign, at almost every way astrology says a scorpio should be. Chaotic order. Emotional, which can be really negative. With people I try to be direct and tell them the truth, a little too direct sometimes. Telling them what they don’t want to hear, but they do need it. Most of the time Im trying to be positive, to spread smiles, to give people warmth and make them feel good. But hey! I am human. So I can be a big pain in the hmmm, which I’m sure should be totally okay. Although, many times, innocent people aren’t the ones who made us feel like that, so we should be at least not agressive against them, keep the negative for ourselves...

I love animals! I really do. I love to know much about them, how they live, where and yeah... I love nature, hiking and taking long walks in the peaceful forest, listening only to the sound of her music- the wind blowing atop of the trees, singing birds, crickets playing music in the high grass.. The sweet smell of wild strawberies, pine bark and clear air...

Same goes for astronomy and other science. I literally want to give myself an answer to any question I wonder about. Being an open minded person, which makes me free to try to understand things in various ways. And of course being a nightowl definitely takes a big part of who am I. Don’t get me wrong: I love the sun! Actually, I hate it when the day is too short and it’s cold. Being active at night is just the way I am, the way I excist and that is since I was a kiddo. So yah - go to sleep early in the morning is kinda... like some people going to bed at 20:00 and waking up 5AM?! Like wtf are you going to do when waking up so early???? And I want to be honest with you people, I am usually a tolerant person, but sometimes I go to hater mode. I do not hate hate , it’s just sometimes I can’t stand or accept some things and I definitely want to share my opinion. People can be so... animals sometimes!

From Nightblooders I do not expect anything. If you enjoy my work, if you want to support me in future going forwards, if you enjoy talking with me, or my community, you are welcome. Just note me being me, myself and I only. Feel free to ask me almost everything, but respect my privacy and other’s. Anyway, noone likes to read that much, so I better stop here :D Thank you for your support people, I appreciate it! Happy to have you !

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