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 King Taki’s War - A Jamaican war of Independence

Greetings family,

I hope you are well and in good spirits. This week Stephanie brings us the incredible story of King Taki. A Fanti King from the former Gold Coast, King Taki led the uprishing in a bold attempt to make Jamaica a free state and independent from the British colonies. King Taki's rebellion is a little-told story of resistance and is often kept far away from the mainstream narrative that casts enslaved peoples as passive and accepting of their fates.

As with many stories about the enslaved, there are some dark moments. So before listening, please take some time to observe some self-care.

I hope you enjoy this short slice of history, and if you do, please share it with those you love or anyone you think might benefit. 

Have a brilliant week, be kind to the people you meet, and remember that Black History is World History.

Peace and blessings,


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