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Join the Belka & Strelka Community - STEM girl explaining science through inspiring and uplifting stories
by Amina Mirsakiyeva

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Belka & Strelka Podcast is on a mission to elevate the voices of women and girls around the world in the Sciences, through inspiring and uplifting stories - because science is for everyone!

Belka & Strelka is not only for women & girls, but for those who want to develop a better understanding of the scientific community. It’s for those exploring science and what it all means, for the ones purposefully seeking out a sense of belonging and collaboration.

Belka & Strelka shares the stories of today’s role models: women and girls ready to throw expectations out the window, ready to take up space, stand strong and powerfully champion social change through science.

After one year of the podcast, and becoming one of the top podcasts in Kazakhstan, we are now ready to expand our community so we can reach listeners from around the world and meet them where they are. We want to publish more regular stories to keep the fires burning in the scientific community.

In order to grow our global movement, we are now asking for our listener’s support.

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Become a member in order to help grow the community you know and love, enabling us to reach girls and women everywhere.

Membership ensures the podcast remains free and accessible for everyone, even those who cannot afford a membership at this time. Because everyone deserves to be well-informed about real science. Additionally, as part of the community you will have access to a members only telegram/signal (change to correct channel) chat group, a members only monthly newsletter and the opportunity to decide on upcoming topics.

Join us on our mission to make science available for everyone.

Thank you for your continued support. Here’s to the next chapter, together!