What is Steady?

Steady helps publishers to convert their readers, listeners and viewers - in short, their audience - into paying supporters. Publishers are individuals and teams who regularly publish content, whether via blogs, videos, photographs or podcasts. Using Steady, publishers can easily set up a project page that allows their community members to make recurring monthly financial contributions and access exclusive content. Steady is unique in using proven crowdfunding methods to help publishers earn regular income. Publishers retain full control over their projects and ownership of their content. Readers, viewers, listeners and followers can use Steady to financially support their favourite publishers with small monthly contributions.

The Team

STEADY is a team of developers, designers, journalists and founders in Berlin. Together we're building new infrastructure for independent publishers.

Steady Team

Steady is (from left to right): Manuel Kallenbach (VP Engineering), Thomas Weyres (VP Design & UX), Dirk Holzapfel (Founder, CTO), Sara Hesse (Art Director), Sebastian Esser (Founder, Managing Director Product), Judith Holzapfel (Administration), Gabriel Yoran (Founder, VP Marketing & Communications), Philipp Schwörbel (Founder, Managing Director Finance & Sales).


Press contact:
Sebastian Esser, info@steadyHQ.com, Telephone: +49 30 44 31 81 06.

Press material can be found here.