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A little introduction on us!

We are Ingi and Nina.

Ingi is an Icelandic chef and Nina is a Bosnian/Czech buisness developer and marketing strategist.

We both love travelling and have spent the last couple of years travelling all over the world.

We met in August 2018 and took our first trip together in October 2018 to London.

In May 2019 Ingi already knew that this was the girl he wanted in his life so he didn't waist any time and went on one knee.. apparently she wanted to stay around and said yes 🤷‍♂

In late 2019 we backpacked our way through Asia, visiting Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia among other places for a couple of weeks.

Early 2020 we opened our food truck in Iceland to a huge success, got rewarded from the European Street Food Awards in the summer of 2020.

By the end of 2020 we had gotten tired of beeing tied down by a buisness so we went on to sell the foodtruck to get back to traveling.

In the time we spent in Iceland we got a dog, and Ingi already had a cat when we met, which made our travelling plans alot more complicated, as leaving Iceland with pets is a huge headache, and don't get me started on the covid restrictions at the time!

It's Christmas 2020, we have managed to get a flight for all four of us the 26th of December. We decide to spend Christmas with Ingi's family in Akureyri, a town in the North of Iceland, and drive to the airport on the 25th (6,5 hour drive).

We get up in the morning of 25th, pack our car, say our goodbyes and get on the road, as soon as we head on our way a snow blizzard hits and closes the only road from the North to South! We have a flight to catch in the morning! No way, it's not happening, so we turn around and in a panic try to contact the airline in anyway possible, but remember it's Christmas.. Nobody is working.

The morning of 26th, 2 hours before our flight we manage to change our flight for the next day, and even get our boys on the flight aswell - it's not easy to get flights for animals from Iceland.

This day we managed to get to the south, but it took about 9 hours to get there as the driving conditions were not great.

27th. December, we catch our flight from Keflavík to Amsterdam, with a big dog, cat, 2 luggages, and 2 big backpack, basically everything we own. At the Airport in Amsterdam a friend of Ingi's brother picks us up to drive us to the train station, neither of us had ever met the guy! What a legend he is, he got us to the train in record time, where we barely managed to get on the train in time, just to see that there was no chance for us to fit in our booked seats with all those things..

After a couple of hours on the train we arrived in Berlin, where Nina's dad was waiting for us, but he drove all the way from Ostrava (east of Czech republic) to pick us up. 

With all the covid restrictions we only had a couple of hours to get over the borders to Czech, where we had planned to stay for some time. After about 36 hours on the road we finally made it to the "final" destination, where we spent new years eve with Nina's family.

As I am writing this, I'm sitting at the beach in Marbella, spain. In my self built campervan.

If you want to know how we got there / what we are doing / what our plans are and more, subscribe to see all our future posts!


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