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Responsible Development of an LLM Application + Best Practices

Responsible Development of an LLM Application + Best Practices

Do you know how to build an LLM application in a responsible way? No, then you should check out this article. We will cover some peculiarities we have learned in the last couple of months. You will take away some exciting facts from this article.

In our article, we will show you best practices for building complex applications using ChatGPT API. First, you will learn that LLMs like ChatGPT don’t see words. They work with tokens and this can lead to undesirable behavior during development. We will show a practical example of this. In addition, it is essential to check the user input for problematic content, such as hateful speech.

Further, your LLM system should also identify what type of query the user inputs. Such systems need multiple internal steps that are invisible to the end-user. In this way, you can teach your LLM to think in categories. The LLM decides which category was requested by the user. With this, you can significantly simplify internal processes. We will discuss an example that shows how it works.

We’ll cover the following points:

  • Setup the environment

  • How does Large Language models work?

  • Think in categories

  • OpenAI’s Moderation API

  • Conclusion

Let’s start!

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