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Efficient Testing of Your Python Code With Pytest

Efficient Testing of Your Python Code With Pytest

Do you often look for errors in software components that could prevent with a better testing strategy? Sometimes you or a colleague change a small thing in existing software, and a few weeks later, you realize that a certain functionality no longer works. It is frustrating and tedious to find the old bugs. You can avoid all this by testing the functions and classes of your code. When you make changes to the code, your tests immediately show whether the old functionality still works correctly.

Every developer makes mistakes, so you should test your code early. You should test new functionalities or changes to the code directly by writing a corresponding test. In Python, you can use the pytest package for testing. This article shows you how to write tests for functions and classes with pytest. We will also explain how to interpret the output of the pytest package so that you can quickly fix errors in your code.

We will discuss the following:

  • Basics of pytest

  • Testing of functions

  • Testing of classes

Let’s start with the basics!

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