---------------------- JULY 2019

E p i s o d e s

#9 Francesco and Nasov in Berlin |08.07.19|

The story of Francesco, who also goes by the name of Nasov: Italian singer and songwriter, host of one of the most beautiful open song mics of the city, he is also a street food businessman. He shares his experience of setting up a business in Berlin and of the indie music scene of the city.

#10 Carlo and his MEMO..ARRR!!! |15.07.19|

The story of Carlo, the game designer behind the successful board game MEMO..ARR! and how Berlin encouraged his playful nature and shaped him as an artist. Carlo is one of the many creative persons whom the city embraces, offering them a chance of change.

#11 The sense of belonging in Berlin |22.07.19|

The city through the eyes of a young university student, who found in Berlin the right space to express her uniqueness, take back her voice and shape her personal narrative. Berlin as the place where the difference is empowering and everyone can find their own sense of belonging.

#12 Singing blues in the streets of Berlin |29.07.19|

The story of Gigi, who some years ago created CABOOSE, a very beautiful blues project in the underground of Berlin. From the streets of Berlin, Caboose brought Gigi and his band to the international blues festival in Orlando, US and touring all around Europe.

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