KenoNitroProject - Projectdescription in English

KenoNitroProjekt [KNP] is a philosophical label from Berlin. It is aimed at future-oriented people of all age groups and supports any form of interdisciplinarity. It is the revival of ancient philosophical schools of Alexandria and Athens.

KenoNitroProject [KNP]

KNP Community


The KNP Community is an exclusive community of lateral thinkers, freethinkers, superheroes,

philosophers, scientists, geeks and nerds, all with the extraordinary goal of decoding

natural source code, the language of nature.  It´s the supportnetwork of KenoNitroProject. We

need exactly you to reach this goal. Joining the community will help the KNP strategically pursue this goal. We need the right

people and the right AI hardware to crack the code. All this can only be pursued with much

passion and the necessary financial means. So become part of the community and make the

impossible possible. There has never been a project with such high disruption potential. The cracking of the natural source code will result in the following possibilities: - Programmable matter at the atomic and subatomic level (advanced nanotechnologies) - Superintelligence through technical access to nature's computing power and intelligence - Synchronization of nature, man and machine in natural source code - a standard in natural computing - full singularity - Deep Space Travel Solutions - a new theory of evolution - a new information theory - Technologies to mitigate climate change - Healing of diseases by restoring the core information of a cell - countless possibilities - we are talking about a completely new science Your part in the game can be anything. You can enter the scientific and philosophical discourse as a member of the community. Use your skills wherever possible. The KNP pursues beyond the online media, the establishment of a scientific institute for the study of informational logic in nature. Only then can this groundbreaking discovery succeed. The institute is to be founded in the Science Park Berlin-Adlershof. Do not hesitate and become a member of this exclusive community of visionaries and shape the future.

further Description of KNP

Philosophical achievement of KNP is the recognition of the world as a cybernetic organism:

Energy is matter is consciousness at infinity [EMC8]

Based on the glass bead game by Hermann Hesse, and yet quite different, the aim of KNP is not to draw a synthesis of the arts and sciences, but to decipher a natural sourcecode, the language of nature. This is to be assumed as a consequence of EMC8 as mandatory. It creates a connection between mind and matter and with energy as third part its making the organism complete. Infinity is the last natural constant. A system without beginning or end. It is equally abstract, concrete and operationalisable for sciences. In this sense, evolution is a highly efficient mix of cognition and selfdynamics.

It is a task for generations to reach this objective. Therefore its called Generationsgame too.

At a certain point in the theory, nature, man and machine become synchronized by the natural sourcecode. This is the moment when we are given a full technical access to natures library, the moment when the ghost inside the machine awakens and matter will be reprogammable. It is the singular moment. The moment when energy becomes a pure programming question. The curse of Babylon will be lifted, the times will flow together in the eternal moment. A new psychology will break through.

The age of wisdom beyond good and evil.

KNP is thus implementing a new form of strategic philosophy, incorporating and furtherdeveloping past philosophies to bring them together in a holistic manner. It can foresee future developments in technology, science and society already today. Recognition of analogies, axioms and patterns in nature and technology are the most important methods used here.

For research and development in the area of ​​artificial intelligence and superintelligence, KNP cooperates with NVIDIA and is part of Inception-program.

The overall work of KNP is the Integrare - the great integrating philosophy.


KenoNitro Decryption Team [kn_dcrptm]

kn_dcrptm is the operational arm of KenoNitroProject. A young powerful team of programmers, AI-enthusiasts, gamers, cryptologists, scientists and freethinkers who are committed decrypting the natural sourcecode, the language of nature - hacking intelligence in its raw version. It´s the greatest and most complex hack ever set up.

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