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Great Question

Monday, 31st of July 2023  

Introducing you to the power of asking questions one Great Question at a time.

Where are you free to become who you are?

What the question means to me:

It's an extreme experience: This group of people, that has never met before, decided to live in the forest together, for a whole year! Without electricity, running water, or toilets. A wilderness program in Wisconsin that includes sleeping on the ground, hunting and eating snakes and frogs, drinking from a lake, and collecting firewood in the tick-infested woods. The mosquitoes are so many and so relentless that taking a poop in the forest is only possible with a companion waving a towel. And here I am, right in the middle of it for a week, reporting for RTL, German TV. It was one of the toughest and eye-opening experiences in my life. Never before have I learned so much about people and group dynamics in such a short time. Food envy, loneliness, facing the deepest fears and needs, these so-called "Seekers" experience all of this every day again and again in a very intense way. It’s challenging and unbearable at times.

The most pressing question is obvious: Why do they put themselves through this? Each of them has their own reasons, but they do have one dominating reason in common: They are all searching for something and this place gives them the opportunity to dig deeper, to listen more thoroughly. They cannot avoid it. There are no distractions. No phones, no books. The participants don't even know the time. Rain and heat, hunger and thirst, eating with muddy hands from the ground, wearing dirty clothes, all of this pushes the Seekers constantly to their limits, but it also leads to mind-blowing insights. What the Seekers have found in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, was something they couldn’t find in civilization: A place where they are free to become who they truly are deep inside.

Action: Let's pay more intention to the places and people, that bring out the truest und purest version of ourselves. What feels different and what could be the reason?

Sharing: Where are YOU free to become who you are? Is it a city or maybe a person for you? Share it with me on Instagram, where you find more photos of me and my time in the woods.

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