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Great Question

by Johanna Schnüpke

Introducing you to the power of asking questions one Great Question at a time.

Monday, 8th of May 2023  

When was the last time society made you feel so insecure about your looks that you changed something on the outside instead of trying to change your inner perception about it?

What the question means to me:

Have you ever heard of plastic limb lengthening? It is a procedure that begins with a surgery, in which bones are cut and internal rods are inserted into the marrow cavity of the bone so that the leg can be gradually pulled apart with a magnetic remote-control device. With each adjustment the bone can be stretched by 1 millimeter per day up until 3 inches (8 cm). It sounds brutal and crazy and you may ask yourself, why do people do this?

To get my answer to this question I travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada this week to film with the leg lengthening Guru himself, Dr. Kevin Debiparshad, only referred to as “Dr. D”. He is the world’s leading cosmetic limb-lengthening surgeon. People from all over the world fly to Vegas to do the procedure with him, spending around 100.000 USD (including flights and accommodation) for 3 inches of longer legs. I met with Mat, one of Dr. D’s patients. He increased his height from 5’4 (163 cm) to 5’7 (171 cm). The journey is tough and painful: Walking on crutches and walkers for up to half a year and risking to never run again. WHY?? The simple answer: Insecurities. “Men have to be strong and tall and protective, that is how society wants us”, Mat explained. Being shorter than the average, means a lack of authority and respect. Mat is convinced that he didn’t get the jobs he wanted, because CEOs and Vice Presidents literally looked down on him in interviews. Allegedly dating was a disaster too. Still, in the end, it is a concept made up in his head, “isn’t it?” I asked. “You mean, if therapy would have been a better idea?” Mat asked back. “Or anything that would have helped you to change your belief system and the story you created around your height.” “I could have", he said, "But then society would still see me as a short man and treat me this way. I can change MY mindset, but I can’t change the people’s perceptions and belief systems. So, this was the only way out for me.”

I understood. And I can even relate to it in a way. I guess we all can. Haven’t we all struggled at some point with some sort of insecurity about our physical appearance? The belly that is too big, the lips that are too small, hair too few, wrinkles too many. But here’s the thing: Starting with little adjustments is like cutting a hydra’s head. We suddenly see more and more imperfections instead of less.

Mat did what many of us do: He decided to change something on the outside instead of the inside. Although he still doesn’t have a girlfriend, nor a new job, he says he feels more confident and accepted. The procedure changed his life for the better, he told me and now he even considers another surgery, lengthening his lower legs too. In a world dominated by big egos, 5’7 still doesn’t feel tall enough for him to be seen.

Action: What if this week, you take a break and let go of unrealistic beauty standards, accepting all the imperfections instead? Focus on the functions and the benefits your body gives you. Be thankful for how hard your body works for you, without you even noticing. And before you consider limb lengthening or any other nip tuck, give me a call so that I can tell you how beautiful you are.

Sharing: When was the last time society made you feel so insecure about your looks that you changed something on the outside instead of trying to change your inner perception about it? Share your thoughts with me!

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