Everyone says it is impossible, but in one month we can have world peace!

#ThePeaceExperiment #FeelingPeace for 10 minutes on every 3rd Monday of each month!


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About #ThePeaceExperiment #FeelingPeace on every 3rd Monday of each month! Take a deep breath and listen to your HEART!

Can we make 10,000 people worldwide FEEL 10 minutes of peace on every 3rd Monday of each month?

Do you know WHAT happens when several people feel peace at the same time on the same day? Country by country, starting with Samoa and ending in American Samoa ...


A long forgotten experiment from the 80's showed that crime and accidents decrease. Sounds strange? But it is not! It is physics! Or how do you explain,  that sick people demonstrably recover better when several people pray for them.

What do you guess? How many crimes and car accidents will we have less when  on every 3rd Monday of each month thousands and thousands of people worldwide feel peace? 50 %? Or more?

And you? Will you be more focused then? Achieve YOUR goals more easily? Will you hear the soundtrack of your heart again? Can you hear it already very softly? Let this soundtrack become unmistakably loud along with thousands of others! Thousands of hearts in the same rhythm ... do you get goose bumps right now?

Be part of it!

Make "THE PEACE EXPERIMENT" possible with your INVESTMENT! The more members we have, the bigger our advertising budget becomes. Be a member! : ) 

For you! For all!

Why is it so important to invest in this idea? Oh, what should I write a lot, see for yourself:


Which investment type are you? #EveryElementCounts #PerspectiveChanger #Peacefeeler? Listen to your HEART!

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