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When we launched The Quietus as an independent publication way back in September 2008 we barely thought we’d be around until Christmas, let alone still going more than a decade later. What’s sustained us during those frequently fraught and impecunious years has been the joy of sharing new culture with you, our hundreds of thousands of readers. Although these have been difficult times and the creative landscape has changed beyond all recognition, every year of our existence has felt more fascinating and diverse than the one before.

Yet with both online and print publications closing at a terrifying rate, the conversation around this culture is in danger of being snuffed out. Whether it’s our end of year album charts, our genre columns, Baker’s Dozens or interviews and opinion pieces, we believe that The Quietus has a vital role to play within the evolving cultural ecosystem as we head deeper into the 21st century.

Over the past few years, The Quietus has been able to survive due to the generosity of many of our readers subscribing to us via PayPal. If you're one of those wonderful people you have our heartfelt gratitude - without you, the site would not have been able to continue in its current form. Everyone who has donated thus far did so purely for the joy of reading our editorial. Now, we're pleased to be able to say that new subscribers to The Quietus will receive a host of perks for helping us to continue doing what we do. What’s more, if you’re a Sound & Vision subscriber the generous support of state51 will ensure that you’re helping to financially contribute to some of our favourite artists making new work.

The past 12 years have been a thrilling, chaotic ride. We look forward to many more years of bringing you the best culture from New Weird Britain and the four corners of the globe.

Thank you for subscribing, and for reading the site.

John Doran and Luke Turner,

September 2020

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