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Comment: Why I am fearful about the future for libraries in Northern Ireland in the face of crippling budget cuts

Trisha Ward, former Director of Library Services at Libraries NI, believes that library users and the wider public need to voice opposition to the ongoing reductions to a vital service - (Opens in a new window)

Why we’re supporting the ‘News for All’ campaign

Over the last few months VIEWdigital has been working with the Public Interest News Foundation  (PINF) on its 'News for All' campaign and the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill, which is going through the House of Lords. – (Opens in a new window)

Thousands march on US consulate in south Belfast to demand permanent ceasefire in Gaza

Belfast-born Palestinian Khalid El-Astal, who lost his wife, mother and brother in the ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza, told a rally in Belfast yesterday (17-12-2023) that he is very concerned for other members of his family. - (Opens in a new window)

Two more schools vote ‘Yes’ to integrated education in Northern Ireland

Within days of the launch of the Independent Review of Education in Northern Ireland, further evidence of the demand for integrated education is apparent after two more successful parental ballot outcomes were announced. - (Opens in a new window)

Irish Traveller family unlawfully discriminated against at Belfast restaurant

A court has ruled that an Irish Traveller family asked to leave a Belfast restaurant was unlawfully discriminated against on grounds of race. – (Opens in a new window)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at VIEWdigital

Many thanks to all our readers and subscribers. We really appreciate your support. Now more than ever we need strong, independent journalism. Help us to continue bringing you the news that matters by taking out a subscription – BECOME A MEMBER (Opens in a new window)


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