With the increase in the prevalence of social media use. Instagram has become the most famous social media programs. People make use of it on a daily basis to publish small life events and each detail taking place in their day to day life in the form of photographs or videos on Instagram stories. There is one disadvantage in making use of Instagram stories, they are gone immediately after 24 hours. In the event the time comes when you want to revisit the memory you published, you will not find them.

Download Instagram Stories you Made for the Day

As notes, a simple way to save your Instagram stories for the day is to record them as an Instagram story video. Meaning, to utilize them in the future, you should play the entire video mainly because all stories are saved as one file. There exists a need to watch all videos to see what you want. This may take the time to watch but still a lot better than possessing no copy. Anytime of the day, you can view the video anywhere you are. The manual on how to do it is discussed below.


So as to save your stories for the day, first, you should tap on the story icon that is found at the top left part of your feed, the one which contains your display image along with the other story profiles of the users that you follow. 3 dots can be seen on top of your screen. Many choices will be shown if that is clicked. Tap the save option and save your story. Render time will be needed before you can see the video in your camera roll.


Separately Download Instagram Stories Clip by Clip

This strategy is the exact opposite of the above approach. In this approach, now you can save clips of individual Instagram stories. For instance, saving a single selfie you have or the most enjoyable event you did rather than saving all of the activities you uploaded for the whole day. This method is done almost the same way as the first one. The only difference lies in what option to pick when downloading the story. Instead of choosing "Save Story", select the "Save Video" option. Look at your Photos or Camera Roll. You should have the copy of the clip in there.


Downloading Stories Using Other Instagram Users Account

A third party site will be required if you wished to download Instagram stories making use of someone else account on Instagram. There are actually explanations why do it this way however that’s not our aim to discuss. They all function in more or less the same way, so all you should do is pick your favorite and you’re all set to go.

Third party sites as Instagram stories downloader

First step is to consult the website what kind of information does it need concerning the user whose stories you would like to download. Majority of the time, the third-party website asks for either the username as well as profile link of the user. Copy the link and then feed it into the space given by the website. A listing of stories created by the user will be shown. Click on the SAVE option for the picked story you wish to copy. And finally, the video will be saved to your local device.

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