Meet the Editorial Team

Tina Lee

Tina is Unbias the news’  editor-in-chief. Originally from the USA, she writes, researches and  podcasts about migration, human rights, politics and the far right and  has previously worked for Human Rights Watch and the Balkan  Investigative Reporting Network. She was editor-in-chief of Unbias the News.

Ankita Anand

Ankita is an India-based cross-border journalist covering environmental  and rural stories with an international dimension. Her previous  investigations have been supported by Journalism Fund, and she was also a  fellow with Tactical Tech’s Exposing the Invisible-Kit, where she contributed chapters, and is now preparing for them a guide+curriculum on collaborative investigations.

Mercy Abang

Mercy is one of the most syndicated journalists on the African  continent, focusing on under-reported stories from vulnerable groups.  She is an experienced print and broadcast journalist with a massive  social media following for her incisive commentary on stories in Nigeria  and the region. She is currently completing an MBA.

Purple Romero

is a multimedia journalist who writes about politics, climate change  and human rights in the Philippines and Asia. Previous employers include  AFP and Rappler, and she has worked as freelance producer for Al  Jazeera. She is currently based in Hong Kong.

Wafaa Albadry

is an online and broadcast journalist who  reported from Egypt until she relocated to Berlin, where her work and  contributions appear in several media outlets, including BBC, France 24,  and currently works for DW. Jury Prep-committee member of European  Press Prize. Co-author of Unbias the News: Why diversity matters for  journalism. She reports about women’s rights, culture, and MENA  politics.

Zahra Salah Uddin

is Unbias the news’  engagement editor. Originally from Pakistan, she graduated from the  Erasmus Mundus Journalism MA program and has previously worked at  Pakistan’s leading English news organizations; Dawn and The News  International. Zahra is currently freelancing for various publications  on music and culture.

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