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How can a freelancer become an entrepreneur?

Our next session will be hosted by Mercy Abang, a Journalist from Nigeria, and a former reporter and freelance producer with Al-Jazeera media Network.   Mercy is a Media Entrepreneur and  Investor in a handful of tech companies, holds a Journalism degree and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Berlin Germany. She is currently working as a global editor with Hostwriter's Unbias the News.

If  what you want is to take the next step and go from freelancer to  entrepreneur, there are some important shifts you will need to consider.

Seth Godin's describes freelancers and entrepreneurs like this:

A freelancer is  someone who gets paid for her work. She charges by the hour or perhaps  by the project. Freelancers write, design, consult, advise, do taxes and  hang wallpaper. Freelancing is the single easiest way to start a new  business.

Entrepreneurs use money (preferably someone else's money) to build a business bigger than  themselves. Entrepreneurs make money when they sleep. Entrepreneurs  focus on growth and on scaling the systems that they build. The more,  the better.

Mercy Abang will share her thoughts about the part of Seth Godin's argument that applies to our everyday routine as journalists. Most media organisations now adopt the freelancers model, partly because they understand the future of work and are adapting.

The session will take place on the 8th of October, 13.00 CET and is open for all journalists who have pitched to Unbias the News – and our members!

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