Why should I become a member?

International journalism is dominated by white, male, Western  voices. Become a member to support journalists who have not yet had the  privilege to get published at big legacy media outlets.

How can I become a member?

Choose your membership and join our mission as an ally, accomplice or strategist! Unbias the News uses Steady, a membership platform for independent media.

What are membership fees used for?

Membership fees power our storytelling. It enables us to  commission more journalists facing structural barriers and contribute to  staff costs of our all-women newsroom team.

Can I make a donation instead?

Sure, if you’re hesitant to become a member but would still like  to support us, please choose a one-time or recurring donation on our website

Can I receive a donation receipt?

As we’re registered as a non-profit organization in Germany and confirmed as equivalent to a U.S. public charity, we can issue donation receipts to German and U.S. tax payers.

Who’s behind “Unbias the News"?

Unbias the News is project by Hostwriter, an award-winning network that connects 6K journalists in 150+ countries for collaboration and exchange.

Do you have any questions about membership? Please get in touch.

Julia Vernersson julia@hostwriter.org COO & Membership

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