Training: How to overcome collaboration hesitancy

For new and experienced journalists wishing to expand their work across borders

Despite the growing relevance and popularity of collaborative journalism in the past few years, many journalists still shy away from it because of such apprehensions: 

"Where will I find team mates? What if we are not compatible? How can I trust the other person? How will we secure funding? Am I qualified to be a cross-border reporter?" 

We will focus on overcoming collaboration hesitancy and address these and other questions through sharing of experience, resources and exercises. The session will be interactive and there will be time for Q & A and discussion among the group.

The training is hosted by Ankita Anand, global editor at Unbias the News and independent journalist. She authored the guide 'Investigation is Collaboration: How to Make It Work' published by Tactical Tech Collective in 2021 and has experience with cross-border collaborative investigations with colleagues from Asia, Africa, Europe and the US.  

The training will take place on the 3rd of September, 13.00 CET and is open for all journalists who have pitched to Unbias the News – and our members!

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