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by Rosa Roth

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We are fighting for the survival of our wonderful niche publication. Let's win this fight together!

This year is TSV's 5th anniversary, but we couldn't celebrate with you, because all came different...

The Covid-19 crisis hit hard and we are fighting for the survival of our wonderful niche publication. Help us to navigate the magazine through this stormy sea by subscribing to one of our membership plans today!

How are we affected?

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown and travel restrictions, we had to cancel our book fair season and events for 2020. We've been stuck in France for over three months, due to travel restrictions, which made it impossible for us to ship or distribute from our Hamburg office or reach our printer in Berlin. We lost all assignments for this year and since April 2020 our income is on zero. These assignments made it possible to run and print the magazine, pay our rent and groceries.

With subscribing to our membership plans today you're not only taking immediate action to help us survive but you also support a magazine that celebrates mobile photography and aims to support young emerging talents from all around the world. A membership without benefits? Not with us. Check out our membership plans for detailed information on your membership benefits.

For those who never heard of us before:

THE SMART VIEW is an independent magazine showcasing works of international mobile photographers and artists combined with interesting interviews and academic texts. It’s designed with love, nice to touch, but it’s not only a print magazine. TSV aims to support it’s community of emerging artists and newcomers online and offline by featuring their works, exhibiting them on an international basis and providing them with assistance along their journey of success.

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