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tQ’s albums of the year playlists

Your exclusive epic playlists are here!

Illustration by Lisa Cradduck

Four layers aren’t enough to keep you warm and the days are as long as a vole’s fart – it can only mean one thing, that it’s time to unleash tQ’s much-anticipated list of our favourite albums of the year. At one point in 2023, it looked as if there might not actually be an albums of the year list, or even a Quietus to compile it, come December. It was you, our subscribers, who saved us by signing up in droves.

We thank you for this emergency intervention, and for your continuing generosity. It means the world to us to have this direct connection to the people who read our editorial, something I’ve written about in my introduction to the chart, which you can read (along with the full run-down) on tQ here (Opens in a new window).

To access tQ's end of year playlists, you'll need to become a Sound & Vision or Low Culture subscriber.

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