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tQ Playlists: The best of October 2023

It’s only half past three but the daylight is squirrelling away to the west as the wind howls in the opposite direction – autumn is upon us, and it’s time to bring you the regular subscriber playlists summing up the best of the past month on tQ. Before we do that, a brief reminder of everything you Low Culture and Sound & Vision subscribers have had over the past few weeks. John and I did their regular Low Culture podcast (Opens in a new window)in which they praised Jeff Wayne’s rock opera adaptation of War Of The Worlds and I had a further chat about Alan Partridge. Apologies that a technical hitch meant that the Low Culture Essay was a few days later than we’d have liked, but it’s a great read by Ophira Gottlieb on Feltham Sings (Opens in a new window), a BBC documentary on a collaboration between young offenders and the poet Simon Armitage.

Then we had one of the best Organic Intelligence newsletters to date – wind yer hurdy-gurdies for an in-depth exploration of the music of the French Acid-Medieval Folk Revival (Opens in a new window). Speaking of Organic Intelligence. a massive shout-out to subscriber William Mathewson who made a “Genrerator” that creates tQ Organic Intelligence headlines – Guyanese Urban–Electro Sprechgesang Drone-tronica Revival, anyone? We really love hearing from our supporters, so if you’ve daft inventions like that, requests for things for us to cover, or suggestions of what we could better or new features you’d like to see, please do message us via the Steady platform or by emailing (Opens in a new window).

Finally, Sound & Vision subscribers will have had Farmer Glitch and Matthew J Saunders’ interpretation of In C in their inboxes via PromoJukebox, if you’re a Low Culture subscriber and curious, you can read the feature about the release here (Opens in a new window).

Finally, here are your playlists of the best of the past month’s new music, feat. Nadine Shah and The Haxan Cloak, rising stars like Man/Woman/Chainsaw, flat-out bangers from UKAEA and Use Knife and the best of the world's experimental fringes, plus the picks of our psych, punk and Rum Music columns and more!

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