Happy NEWS year! Changes, originals and a lovely story.

Thank you so much for being part of my journey. I hope you all had a great night, stayed safe, healthy and sound. Some things happened, so I want to tell you a bit about what will change here. :) 

Important changes to memberships

I thought about steady and how I use it. I had an some ideas to make it better for, hopefully, everyone next year. 

1. You can add your address to your profile (important for the 3rd point) 2. Perks are the same for everyone again (whooo)

  • Everyone get's access to the digital version of the coffeemonsters book
  • Everyone get's access to bonus panels, if there are any
  • Everyone get's the chance to win an original drawing every month.
  • Everyone still get's the warm feeling in the belly. ;)

The first original drawing to be raffled

So the January 2021 original raffle monster will be this one and you're the first to know:

It's number 567 and has got this story: "Sometimes a fart makes up for a goof joke. Some jokes even come from stuff you never realized a joke woule be possible... well. What that means is different for everyone."

It will wait here on my desk to be send out at the end of January. :D

The story

Well, I lied about the story, because there is none, but I just wanted to thank you a lot for a rollercoaster year and the opportunity to make art on a small scale. You are the reason artists like me can keep going and do not put their head in the sand. I hope you know that, feel the warm embrace of my online-hug and have a blessed and successful 2021. Thank you. :)

sincerely Stefan

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