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Giving it a go on youtube

Hey there. Nothing big coming in the next few days, becasue I'm joining inktober, as you may even have heard already and I will create a monster every day from ONE stain. That stain is 611 and I will not stop daily until the end of October. If you like to, join me on youtube and instagram to follow along. And also ... there will ... be ...


and also there will be the 10 followers special monster. The stain is drying right now and i will create a new monster from it just for you 10 out there following me here. After i finished it, I will put the full resolution SCAN online for you to download. And then you can print it on whatever you want to - for yourself. Not for any selling purpose. That's for sure, right? :) 

Until then there will be a lot more videos of me talking and talking. :) 

Link to the latest Video is here: LINK (Opens in a new window)

Video is here:

(Opens in a new window)

Thanks a lot for watching. :D



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