New Raffle for march

Hi you sweet few here on steady. Thank you so much for supporting me again and again, month after month. Hence there are 14 of you, your chances to win an original coffeemonster are higher than ever. Two lucky winners already got their fair share of luck and an original for their homes. :) Hoe they are fine. Send a picture, if you hang it to a wall already. :D  

So, what monster is next in the raffle, you might ask. It will be a surprise one. One, I will create from this stain: 

So, be there when march is ending. Only a few days left until the raffle. :) 

What's next with the coffeemonsters?


In my head: a lot.

In reality: not that much.

I have plans for several things.


First of all, there is a plan to create NFT monsters. No, not just since the NFT hype began. The idea to create such is 3-4 years old. I'm working with a friend of mine on how to create stains in a purely digital way - and then draw on them digitally. Then putting it on a blockchain and make it available to the public. :) 

Business stuff

But also I need to make some adjustments to my business model with the coffeemonsters. I sell almost nothing, so maybe the "hype" is over and I shall look for another project. Mayyyyybe, but i love coffee too much and also the drawing, so no: I'm not leaving! :D

Coffee-Roaster Coffeemonsters

This is an old plan that never came to frutition, because i simply have not put the work in. I would love to make monsters from any coffee a roaster sends over. Maybe a roaster series.

Ink injected coffee

Another idea, running around in my head is to mix colors with coffee and create newly looking stains that are a bit more colorful thant the coffee alone.


Also there is some ideas for the online shop - That's also "business". I know. But there is plans for stuff like breakfast sets and stuff that's truly usable for making coffee. I think that would be a god idea. :) 

That's not all, but I think the most important stuff right now. Nothing of this may ever happen though. :D 

Why no more streams and monsters right now?

And that's because my other business, creating great copy and headlines for happy homepages (german stuff and a bit of english: ) kicked of in march 2020 making me a solo freelancer from that time on. I have been from highs to lows since then and now am running a small business on my own that creates enough revenue to stay afloat and above.

That's amazing and I hope I can get my hands on more coffeemonsters soon, even if I currently am putting in all the work for making my business run, so I can stat investing more time into the mosnters again.

It's a dance for balance right now. :) 

Sometimes: coffeemonsters day. All good.

Sometimes: business day: All good too, but no monsters. 

I hope you keep track of the livestreams I do from time to time and just like the heck out of my monsters, as it feeds the algorithms. Yeeeeh! :) 

Thank you for being here!

sincerely, Stefan

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