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Welcome to The Late Discovered Club Community News.  If you are here and reading this, it's because you are supporting the important work that we do. Our monthly community news will hit inboxes at the end of each month and aims to delve deeper, giving you exclusive insights into all things Late Discovered.

By supporting us, you really are giving us the opportunity to share stories that need to be heard, and we know that our collective stories have the power to bring about change. 

The conversations and stories that we shine a light on in our podcast are helping to deconstruct stereotypes and give visibility to the next generation of autistic women. 

And you are now a big part of that story too. 

A message from Catherine

Surgery went ahead as planned a few days before Christmas and they removed all my lymph nodes under my arm as well as the lump and tissue from my breast. Recovery went well, and I got the news that after chemotherapy and surgery I had a complete pathological response which means the treatment has worked!

I’ve got the next stage of the climb ahead of me in March and will be doing daily radiotherapy over a period of 10 days to make sure the cancer gets a quadruple blasting and I’ll continue with my immunotherapy treatment until October 2024 which is designed to help minimize my HER2+ cancer from spreading and coming back. 

I can finally start to see the top of the mountain and think about life beyond it.

The treatment has left me feeling very fatigued and with neuropathic and all over body pain as well as crashing into menopause, so I’m going to be taking things slower than I was pre-diagnosis to help with healing and recovery, but it’s not going to stop me.

In May last year I signed a contract with JKP for my book ‘Rediscovered’ and as I got this diagnosis back in July I was in full book writing flow and I wrongly assumed that I would continue to write through my treatment, delivering my draft manuscript on 1st December 2023. 

However, the reality of chemo was that I lost my ability to do anything other than put one foot in front of the other up this mountain, and some days I couldn’t even manage that - all I could do was shelter in place, and anchor myself into the north face of the mountain I was climbing. I wasn’t in creative mode - but survival mode. 

But now that the mountain top is visible, and the hardest parts of this climb behind me, that creativity is returning. In January after not touching my draft manuscript for 6 months, I made a return, and the words flowed, and I am one chapter away from completing it - writing is where I find my absolute joy

Getting this book out there at some point in 2024, to those who need it, feels ever more important. 

Don’t sit and wait for the perfect conditions to do that thing that you want to do. 

Do it today. 

Do it whilst you can, whilst you are able. 

Because the only time we really have is now.

I have lots of things I want to do with The late Discovered Club in 2024!

Catherine x

This Month on the Podcast

Season 3 planning is underway, and we will launch at Easter once I’ve completed my radiotherapy. 

In the meantime make sure you are all caught up with Season 2 and Season 3. 

I’m excited to get back behind the mic and give a voice to more stories in 2024.

Join Group Support Circle 11 (Opens in a new window)

Our group support circles are a place to share stories and experiences, explore your self-discovery journey, and to connect with other late discovered women - and all from the comfort of your own space.

Hosted by Catherine Asta, they run as a 6 weekly online zoom support group for late discovered autistic women, wherever you are on your journey, and wherever you are in the world, and self-diagnosis/identification inclusive.

Here's what some of our previous circle participants have said:

"I really have found it useful - its been really powerful for us to speak aloud some of our most painful and shameful experiences. I think the trust you’ve helped to build in this group, thanks to your holding such a safe space for us, has led to some lovely conversations in our circle, where we are sharing and asking for help in a very unique autistic way. My two words for this year are emerging and belonging - and I feel this group has helped me to gain those things, in particular belonging."

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for the sessions we've had. They have been truly remarkable, providing me with invaluable insights into myself. Thank you Catherine for your exceptional guidance, attentive listening, and unconditional support throughout this journey. Hearing others share their thoughts and stories have brought so much meaning to this experience."

Circle 11 starts Friday 15th March, 12pm (UK time)

Community Connection Circle

Our monthly community connection circles will recommence in April once I’ve completed my next lot of treatment.

What are the community connection circles?

They are a space where our members can connect IRL (on a zoom screen) with other members of our community, and other previous circle members. A safe circle space where you can come together and share your struggles with peer support, because sometimes we just need that space to verbalise out loud the struggles we are going through.

Hosted and facilitated by Catherine Asta (Opens in a new window) these sessions are designed to facilitate connection and belonging. We may also invite guest speakers from The Asta Community and the Podcast for a 10 minute talk on a specific theme.

Celebrating Neurodivergent Women Event

In January we brought together some of our S1 & S2 guests for a 4 hour LIVE event on Zoom. The event was led, managed and co-hosted by S1 guests Laura Kerbey and Eliza Fricker to help raise funds for S3 of the podcast. 

Topics included: 

  • Our BIG community vision for The Late Discovered Club

  • The Art of Quitting 

  • Money & Neurodivergence 

  • Finding myself in my 40’s 

  • Embracing my layers 

  • The Joy of finally finding belonging 

If you didn’t get chance to watch it live, you can buy the recording and hear from: 

  • Catherine Asta

  • Eliza Fricker

  • Dr Naomi Fisher

  • Krystle McGilvery

  • Laura Kerbey

  • Kirtsy Cullen-Campenelli

  • Andrea Anderson

Our next Late Discovered Club LIVE event will be coming in May.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a worldwide initiative that challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about neurological differences.

It aims to transform how neurodivergent individuals are perceived and supported by providing schools, universities, and organisations with the opportunity to recognise the many talents and advantages of being neurodivergent, while creating more inclusive and equitable cultures that celebrate differences and empower every individual.

Catherine will be chairing a panel on Late Discovered Autism and Menopause on Thursday 21st March at 12pm (UK time). Register to book your free place.

The Asta Community 

"A curated community of professionals to help me help more people"

The professionals in the Asta Community have been hand picked, and interviewed to ensure that their values speak our values, and have undergone a screening process – providing documentation including their professional qualifications, insurance, and membership of relevant professional bodies (where applicable).

This means that you know that the professionals in our community are qualified, accredited and fully insured.

Want to join and be part of our neurodivergent professional community?

Email Catherine

Book Club

Our mighty community member Kimberly Stevens is leading the The Late Discovered Club Book Club .

Head to the MIGHTY Community BOOK CLUB space to find out when the next meeting is happening.

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