How to download a song and set it as a ringtone

Download MP3 from YouTube

Sure you know how to use YouTube and you use it on a daily basis. To download the music, just go to the YouTube application or the web version of the video service and search for the song you want the audio of on your mobile. Once you have the video, just go to the option to copy the link.

To copy the link in the browser, all you have to do is click on its bar and copy the link. In the application, you will see that on the video, in the upper right, there is an arrow to share it. Click on the arrow, a drop-down will open, and click on "Copy link" and you are ready to go.

Once you have your link, go to the FLVTO web page from your mobile phone browser and you will see that there is a bar where you can enter a link and a "convert to ..." button, choose the MP3 option, press the button and the song will convert. Once the process is finished, several buttons will appear: download, convert another video, or mark as a ringtone. Choose the one you want. You can download the song and then set it as a ringtone from the phone settings. Or simply click on the application button.

You won't have to install anything if you don't want to and it is very easy to use. But if you forget what the website is like, you can download the application on your mobile from the link that we leave you below. So you will always have it at hand when you need to download a song and do not remember what the website was called to do it. It is an APK file that you can install on your mobile without any problem as long as you have the "Unknown sources" activated. Download Ringtone mp3 at

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