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Songwriting Magazine Podcast: ‘Walk The Line’

Aaron and Duncan return with episode two of Songwriting’s members-only podcast, featuring our chat with superstar topliner Ines Dunn.

With the latest issue of Songwriting Magazine (Opens in a new window) hitting the virtual shelves shortly before Christmas, they discuss the process of putting the magazine together and share some of their personal highlights from the issue. Promotional duties dealt with, they turn their attention to the art of writing killer melodies – and help is at hand…

This episode’s feature interview is with superstar topliner Ines Dunn. Hailing from London’s Crouch End, the list of modern classics that Dunn has contributed vital parts to includes House On Fire (Mimi Webb), Walk (Griff), Not Another Rockstar (Maisie Peters) and Antichrist (Holly Humberstone).

Speaking with Aaron, Ines tells us all about her breakthrough as a behind-the-scenes songwriter before getting into the toplining weeds, a place of impossibly catchy melodies and unforgettable lyrics. Having revealed some of her process, Ines shares her tip for ensuring that your chorus melodies are as unforgettable as possible.

Closing things out, and inspired by Jamie Lawson’s prompt from episode 1 (Opens in a new window), Duncan reveals the lyrics to his “misogynistic time-travelling anthem” It Won’t Hurt For Long, leaving Aaron with the daunting challenge of putting his words to music.

Thanks as always for listening. Please get in touch (Opens in a new window) if you have any questions, feedback, or have been inspired to write something based on the prompts for episode 1 and 2.

See you next time!

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