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I Am.

Introducing myself: since we may not have met. This text is  an outcome of taking Ronnie McGrath's 'Discussions on Identity' at the local Stroud & South Gloucestershire College.

Aspects of Identity

I am a middle aged, middle class, straight, cis white woman of mixed north-west European heritage - an Irish citizen and a British one, Scottish, Welsh, European, with some rumoured Jewish ancestry, and probably lots more. I am a Clapham kid, an international kid, a boarding school survivor, a sister. A daughter of a lawyer and a journalist-librarian-teacher. A granddaughter of dairy farmers and school heads. A great-granddaughter of exiles and traitors, witches and wretches.

I am a socially-engaged conceptual artist, a scientist, a botanist, an explorer. A portrait painter, a ritualist. A composter and wildlife gardener.  A reader, a thinker, a talker, a teacher. A global citizen and an islander, an inhabitant of a small rural English town. I feel Cypriot, I look English, I sound posh. I am neurodivergent (with ADHD) and somewhat fat and differently-abled. I am a human. I am an ape, a primate, a mammal. I contain an entire ecosystem of microbes. I am a mother, a parent, a coach, a wife, a householder. A lover, a crone.  I am wealthy, I am struggling with money. I am unwell, I am alive. I am chaotic and organised, insightful and foolish. I am a failure, a disaster, a genius.

My name is the most consistent thing about me, Sarah Margaret Dixon. Sarah is from the ancient Egyptian ‘Child of the King’, commonly translated as ‘Princess’. I am a descendant of peasants and farmers and industrialists. I am a coloniser, I am decolonial. I am biological and technological. I am a Luddite and a futurist. I am a witch and a warrior. An anti-racist intersectional feminist campaigner-activist-fb admin.

Whiteness overlays me like a blanket, protecting me from some of the attacks of the world, whilst muffling my self and de-orienting my identities. My femaleness carves out a specific set of pathways in the world. I identify as a woman and occasionally as a man. Mostly I am simply an artist. My identity is what I feel myself to be/ My identity is what others perceive me to be. I am completely unique, just like everybody else.

I am a rheumatology patient, non-compliant and complaining. I am a dreamer, a Dreambody worker, a perennial student, a dropout, a champion.  I am a consumer and a pedestrian and a driver, a cyclist no longer. I’m an adventurer, a dilettante,  a quack, a tarot reader, a Goddess-worshipper, a published author, a problem solver, a fantasist, an alchemist, an ancestral healer.  I am a class-slider, a rebel, a conformist. I store gold in the baking cupboard, and dead bodies in the painting room.

Out of all this and more, what aspect stands out to you? What matters to you? 

Who are you?


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