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Hello again, High Five Club Members!

We're back with your weekly roundup of all things Iceland, from us at the Reykjavík Grapevine to you, our loyal supporters.

First up, our new issue is out! Our cover story investigates transphobia in Iceland, and what Icelanders are doing to fight it. We’ve also got great moments in Icelandic history, thought provoking queer theatre, the perfect day in Reykjavík, and lots more! Valur’s back for the Reykjavík Newscast, wherein he talks about earthquakes and the brand new volcano that just erupted.

In other news, indeed, a new eruption has started, it’s bigger than the last one and is emitting a lot more dangerous gases. Although it’s been great for tourism, caution is being advised because some folks have already gotten injured. All this and more! Speaking of the volcano, we’ve great this sweet photo gallery of the eruption site for you to enjoy: check it out! Don’t forget it’s Pride Week, though, and there’s a lot of events you can check out. We’ve also got some fresh tracks from Iceland to add to your playlist.

Your friends at the Reykjavík Grapevine

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