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Hello again, Double High Five Club Members!

We're back with your weekly roundup of all things Iceland, from us at the Reykjavík Grapevine to you, our loyal supporters.  

First up, we’ve got a new Icelandic Roundup (Opens in a new window), wherein culture editor Josie Anne Gaitens and news editor Andie Sophia Fontaine are joined by reporter Emma Ledbetter to talk about monkeypox, queerphobia, and SlutWalk. Check it out!

We also have two editions of the Reykjavík Newscast (Opens in a new window) to share with you: first (Opens in a new window), Josie talks about swimming, a recent bomb scare on a plane, and bigoted vandalism, and then (Opens in a new window), she visits Krýsuvík and talks about the cracks formed in that area by earthquakes, a possible Askja eruption, and more. (Opens in a new window)

In other news, a monkeypox vaccine is coming (Opens in a new window) to Iceland; net migration to Iceland (Opens in a new window) is at a new high; it’s somehow cheaper to park a private jet in Reykjavík than to park a car (Opens in a new window); and more (Opens in a new window)!

We’ve also got a new Best Of Iceland, Summer Edition (Opens in a new window) ready for your perusal. This includes loads of places where you can find the very best in nearly every category (Opens in a new window). Check it out!

There’s also some great events coming up over the next few days (Opens in a new window), and we’ve got some fresh tracks from Iceland (Opens in a new window) to add to your playlist.

Your friends at the Reykjavík Grapevine

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