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We at the Reykjavík Grapevine celebrated our 20th birthday on June 13. That’s 20 years of celebrating everything that makes this city amazing and gently pointing out where ever so minor improvements might be warranted. To mark this auspicious occasion, we invited our past editors to write a little something about their time helming the Grapevine. Talk a stroll down memory lane right here (Opens in a new window).

We also invited our OG designer, Hörður Kristbjörnsson, to take over the cover. Check it out in all its glory!

Issue 8, Vol. 20 cover of the Reykjavík Grapevine (Opens in a new window)

Icelandic movies have been exploring various genres with great success in recent years. These days, it’s not uncommon to come across a Nordic noir film from our small island or even find the occasional Icelandic comedy screening at your local cinema. But an Icelandic thriller? The idea was unheard of until just recently when it came to life through Operation Napoleon, Óskar Þór Axelsson’s latest feature. Read all about it (Opens in a new window).

Photo by Juliette Rowland
Operation Napoleon film still (Opens in a new window)

Other weekend reading from the Grapevine



It’s been rainy AF about 90% of the time lately. That means we’ve had a lot of time to stream new music indoors while crying over a summer that feels like it will never truly arrive. Read about (and listen to) the new music streaming at Grapevine HQ in our weekly new music dispatch (Opens in a new window). And stream our new weekly music podcast right here (Opens in a new window). (Opens in a new window)

Have you been keeping up with Valur Gunnarsson’s eight-part series exploring alternative outcomes to key events in Icelandic history? His latest hypothetical thought experiment centres around what would have happened had the Nordic nations united. Give it a read right here (Opens in a new window).

Adobe Stock Photo — Nordic Flags (Opens in a new window)

Catch up with the entire series (Opens in a new window) and tune in to the Grapevine’s Alternative History of Iceland podcast, where Valur and Grapevine publisher Jón Trausti Sigurðarson delve deeper into a new “what if” in each episode. If you like history, alternative reality or middle-age dudes talking about stuff that never happened, this podcast is for you (Opens in a new window). (Opens in a new window)

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