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Flum MI VS Vapetasia Killer Fruit Disposable; What To Add In Your Cart?

These two vape devices from the Flum series (Opens in a new window) are wonderful for first-time vapers, and people looking for a better alternative to smoking. So in this article, we compare the Flum MI disposable vape and the Flum Float disposable, to see which is better.

About FLUM MI Disposable Vape

If you are looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping and you are searching for a new vaping device, then you should try the Flum MI (Opens in a new window). The pre-filled Flum MI disposable is one of the easiest-to-use vape pens on the market, requiring no maintenance, refilling, pod swapping, or charging. Delivering over 800 puffs because of its 2.5ml juice capacity, and having a 5% salt nicotine concentration, this puff bar is capable of satisfying your craving.

Another solid feature of the Flum MI Disposable (Opens in a new window) is that it possesses a mesh coil. What this means is that the cloud production is thicker and you get a good kick every time you take a draw. Again, there are no buttons on the body of this pen, which means that you get a firm grip, and also the vape pen is draw activated.

Special Features;

  • Puffs: 800

  • Juice Capacity: 2.5ml

  • Nicotine Concentration: 5%

  • Nicotine Type: Tobacco Nicotine

  • Coil – Mesh Coil

  • Firing Mechanism: Draw Activated

Product Benefits;

  • Hassle-free vaping device – requires no charging, filling, or pod swapping

  • Nipple-shaped mouthpiece for easy draw

  • Mesh coil delivers thick cloud production that hits every time

  • No burning or leaking

  • Lightweight and compactable

Vapetasia has made a similar decision to couple its well-known blends with a practical disposable vaping kit as many of the top vape juice producers on the market. Despite being one of many disposable vaporizers on the market, the Vapetasia Killer Fruits (Opens in a new window) stands out since it has several popular flavors.

The flavors that a vaper may use to vape make it more exciting, and if you're also hooked on vaping, Killer Fruits by Vapetasia is one of the delectable e-liquids that can satisfy both your taste buds and your throats with nicotine.

Continue reading to learn more about vaping and this incredibly trendy vape juice.

You need to taste Killer Fruits from Vapetasia (Opens in a new window) if you want to prepare yourself for an explicit vaping encounter. We are confident that people who use vape tanks will find this to be really gratifying. If you're a die-hard vaper, give it a shot right now, and let us know how it goes down below. And if you have any other questions. Please feel free to speak. Just watch out for a fake product.

Here, we can say that the superb Vapetasia Killer Fruits (Opens in a new window) Vaping device is here to stay as it has also created a big enough space in people’s hearts in so little time. Thus, if you are also a big die-hard fan of vaping or want to quit smoking, try this vape once and it will be so easy for you to make the transition. So, all the best and let others also know through your word of mouth!

Wrapping It Up

Both the Flum MI (Opens in a new window) and Vapetasia killer fruit disposable (Opens in a new window) vapes are great in their own right and ideal for everyone irrespective of where they stand on the vaping scale. If you are a first-timer or an experienced vaper, there is a Flum Series vape that suits you.

However, if you need a vape device on the go, something to keep you going on a short-term basis, then the Flum MI is the vape you should go for. If however, you are looking for something lasting and durable, then the Flum Float is the vape of choice.

Whatever the case, you can get both the Flum MI vape pen and the Flum Float (Opens in a new window) vape pen from Ravenroute (Opens in a new window) – the leading online retailer for anything vaping, from devices to the best flavors.

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