Darling you say depression when you don’t even know what sadness feels like.

It’s not when your tears soak your friend shoulder, but when the bedsheet’s drenched with your silent sorrows that no one’s ever heard of.

It’s not the loneliness on some evenings, but the sleepless nights bleeding into heavy mornings when your head feels foggy and your heart refuses to fight as your body slowly sinks.

It’s not the wilting face, but the empty smiles and hollow eyes that have seen enough to feel nothing now.

Don’t even begin to assume the things I don’t know my dear,

I’ve lived, loved and lost,

I've hurt, been hurt and healed,

I've fought for, against and with,

look into my eyes when I smile at you - you’ll see a glimpse of my monsters,

why do you look away so quickly at a mere sight of my demons when you just told me how many you had,

be brave, be strong, be bold,

but don’t for a second forget there are those who’ve had it worse. 

There are those who are fighting each day. 

There are those who are trying harder.

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