In the silence when you wipe that one errant tear and dust yourself, tell yourself to fight harder tomorrow - you grow -

Stronger, fiercer, deadlier

When the night no longer scares but rather invites, the beautiful darkness creeping across the sky as the sun bids adieu,

When they walk by you hand in hand you feel a pang of sorrow as you smile, knowing you could never,

When the late-night drives turn into moments of reminiscence as you see the world fly by, your heart beating on the rhythm,

When loneliness turns to comfort,

When it hurts to be away just as much as it does to be home,

When your eyes open before the sun’s do because somewhere the lost time cost the life you didn’t desire to give away,

When they see you’ve changed in ways much beyond what words can tell,

When it’s hard to believe the suspicious numbness when it gives way to pain at your weakest,

When the despair becomes a friend so dear it’s content to plague you in the shadows even whilst you smile,

When those demons become your guardian angels,

You know who you are now, for your darkness no longer scares you.

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