You’d think it was easier to forgive when there was no revenge to seek,

Only to sit by and reminisce drowning in your grief,

But my sweet girl you’re mistaken in this foolish belief,

Having a rabbit to let the raging wolves hunt is a sweeter relief,

Cause when the dust settles,

An eerie numbness of scarlet rose in the winter snow with gently shedding petals,

It’s the crimson wetness hounds crave,

The clock has struck they’re feral now in their rage,

Don’t you wish you’d known better,

Nearer and nearer to the day you’ll open your letters,

You doubt what’s meant to give you hope,

Maybe the trauma’s stronger than the dope,

Heavy head and clouded visions,

A temporary silence as fleeting as the seasons,

When your destiny starts feeling more like agony,

It’s your head your heart your anatomy,

The burning down your throat’s the only warmth you’re worthy off,

Until it’s lava down your insides theirs no reason to stop,

Turn it off what’s beating in your chest,

It’s meant to keep the blood flowing nothing else,

Let it all go, something worth holding on will fight to stay,

You’ll see what I mean someday.

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